Oscilla® provides hearing professionals worldwide with screening and diagnostic solutions. The portfolio covers PC-based and stand-alone devices for audiometry and tympanometry.

Focus On The Patient

Ease of use is the cornerstone of the Oscilla® product range. Through user-friendliness and intuitive operation, we provide quick and reliable test results while allowing the user to devote more time to the patient.

Conduct Tests In Any Location

Set up a screening station in any location or visit patients at home. Oscilla® audiometers and tympanometers are designed with portability and flexibility in mind. The compact size and solid design of our devices provide hearing professionals in all fields with flexible screening and diagnostic solutions for use in any location.

Quick Results And Optimised Workflows

With Oscilla®, users can get straight to work. Most stand-alone devices feature integrated memory for storing tests and with Oscilla® AudioConsole software the user can benefit from virtually unilimited database storage, statistical tools, data export options and customisable PDF reports.

Screening Audiometers

The Oscilla Screening Audiometer USB300 is a PC-based screening audiometer including database. Conduct hearing tests and manage patient data comfortably in front of your PC screen. With the Oscilla USB330 audiometer, you get an integrated solution that lets you dedicate more time to your patients.

Key Features:

  • The audiometer includes the Oscilla AudioConsole software.
  • All audiogram and patient data are stored in a database on the PC or on a server.
  • The audiometer supports 4 automatic hearing tests (20 dB, 20 dB Random, Xxx dB Random and Hughson Westlake)
  • Entering setup you may adapt the performance of the USB audiometer to your individual need, and the software will remember your settings until you decide to make more changes or revert to default.
  • Furthermore you can deactivate frequencies, which is useful if you have one or more frequencies that are not tested.
  • Mouse Cursor control
  • Individual settings of your operation keys
  • Option of using operating-pen for touch-screen

Diagnostic Audiometer

The SM950-S is a diagnostic memory audiometer featuring manual and automatic tests, speech audiometry and bone conduction.

Print or save audiograms on PC

The device is equipped with a parallel port for printer connection and a serial port for PC-connection, which allows the operator to use SM950-S with Oscilla® AudioConsole.

Advanced and user-friendly

The SM950-S is especially suited for hearing professionals who need a user friendly but advanced audiometer. SM950-S can be used as a stand-alone device or for creating on-screen audiograms on a PC via. the Oscilla AudioConsole® software.

Customize according to perferences

Through an advanced setup function, the operator can customize the SM950-S according to preferences and needs. For example, it is possible to select and deselect frequencies and choose fixed tone lengths.

A host of testing opportunities

SM950-S hosts a variety of testing opportunities, which enables the operator to conduct manual tests, automated tests or use speech or input from a tape or CD player for testing.
The possibility to conduct randomized automatic tests makes the SM950-S especially suited for hearing professionals, who need to conduct regular tests on the same patients. The randomized testing opportunity makes it difficult for the patient to consciously or subconsciously identify patterns in the test, which can affect the result.

Screening Tympanometer

Ideal for basic screening tympanometry. Perform ipsilateral testing and get a simple overview of compliance curves and pass/fail results for your patient’s acoustic reflex.

830 can be used with AudioConsole software for PC-based tympanometry and data management. AudioConsole is optional for T830 and must be purchased separately.

Everything you need for detailed and efficient screening tympanometry. Perform ipsi- and contralateral testing. On-screen assistant guides you quickly through testing procedures. Different view modes for compliance curves.

840 can be used with AudioConsole software for PC-based tympanometry and data management. AudioConsole is optional for T840 and must be purchased separately.


Oscilla USB-350B / 3508S Perfect for diagnostics Integrated patient response PC- based Diagnostic Audiometer Pulse and warble tone AudioConsole software Oscilla USB-350B / 350BS PC-based Diagnostic Audiometer Specifications 1! frequencies (125 – 8000 Hz) The Oscilla® USB-350B and USB-350BS are two state-of-the-art PC- based From -10 to 110 dB in 5 dB steps diagnostic audiometers. They are designed specifically to be small and Left, right and binaural compact and yet easy and quick to use in the daily work. Air and bone conductor Pulse and warble tone Powered by a 24- bit digital audio engine and equipped with lots of useful 4 automatic test features, the Oscilla® USB-350B and USB-350BS is a perfect match for all Automatic SiSI test.


Oscilla SM450-FF Speech and Pure Tone Talk-Back / Talk-Forward Easy-to-Use * Diagnostic PC-based Audiometer with Free Field Built-in Speech Material (WAV-files) Hearing Aid Fitting

Oscilla SM450-FF Features: 1] frequencies (125 – 8000 Hz) From -10 to 110 dB in 5 dB steps Advanced audiometric tests (AC, BC, FF) Pulse and warble tone Aut. Test: 20 dB, 20 dB Random, Hughson-Westlake Pure Tone: HL, MCL, UCL, aided, binaural Speech: WRI, WR2, MCL, UCL, aided, binaural Masking: Narrow Band, White Noise and Speech Noise Can be operated with / without operator headset Talk-back / talk-through (requires operator headset) Easy-to-Use * Diagnostic PC-based Audiometer with Free Field The SM450-FF brings a comprehensive suite of audiometric features to the hearing clinic as well.


Oscilla® SM950 Diagnostic Memory Audiometer * large memory * * parallel and serial port * * three automatic threshold tests * SPECIAL FEATURES Serial- & parallel port. Very readable displays. Noise free push buttons. 3 fully automatic threshold tests. Storage capacity: 29 audiograms. Calibration without entering the cabinet. Automatic printout of complete audiogram. Narrow band masking. Intensity up to 100 dB. Option of visualising the audiogram during the test. * Oscilla SM950 Diagnostic Memory audiometer is a unit, where all functions are controlled by an advanced ® microprocessor. Oscilla SM950 Diagnostic Memory audiometer contains a storage capacity of 29 audiograms; which all may be stored for later printout.


Oscilla TSM500 Audiometer + Tympanometer is a combined audiometer and tympanometer. The audiometer can be used for pure tone audiometry and features air- and bone conduction. The tympanometer can be used for measuring the compliance of the tympanic membrane and for ipsi- and contraleteral reflex testing. The TSM500 is therefore the ideal choice for hearing professionals, who need a a user- friendly all-in-one device for audiometry and tympanometry.
Dual control for stand-alone and PC-based operation of TSM500 TSM500 can be used as a stand-alone and PC-based device. The integrated Dual Control feature provides users with full flexility in operation. It allows users to switch between modes of operation whenever they need to.
In order to operate the TSM500 from a PC, Oscilla® AudioConsole software must be installed. Additionally, AudioConsole provides a number of extra audiometric tests such as Weber test via. bone conduction, the ear protection test for occupational health professionals and the xx dB auto test and xx dB random auto test.


Oscilla TSM-300 Ipsilateral reflex test Easy-to-Use Screening Tympanometer Automatic probe seal Follow result live on-screen 5 frequencies

Oscilla TSM-300 Features: Tympanometric pressure range: -300 to +200 daPa Ipsilateral reflex test: 5 frequencies: 500Hz, IKhz, 2Khz, 3Khz and 4Khz Test level of 105 dB at all frequencies Easy-to-Use Screening Tympanometer The TSM-300 tympanometer is a reliable and easy to use device for screening environments. With its unique automatic probe seal design it is straightforward to fit the probe and ensure a better seal. To start a new test you simply turn on the device and insert the probe. During the test you may monitor the result live on the display, which include: graphic tympanogram.


Oscilla TSM-830 Tympanometer is ideal for basic screening tympanometry and for hearing care professionals who need tool for quick examinations of the patient’s middle ear function. Perform ipsilateral testing and get a simple overview of compliance curves and pass/fail results for your patient’s acoustic reflex.

Improve your workflow and dedicate more time to patients

Oscilla TSM-830 Tympanometer is ready for testing in less than 10 seconds and provides a compliance curve with ipsilateral reflex test results in less than one minute per ear. This gives you more time to focus on your patients.

Compact and robust design for use in any location

Oscilla TSM-830 Tympanometer is a smart solution for the clinic or on the go. With a solid aluminum casing and resilient probe cable, it is lightweight, compact and robust – ready to withstand daily use and transportation.

Stand-alone and PC-based operation

Oscilla TSM-830 Tympanometer features DualControl technology for full operational flexibility. The operator can switch between stand-alone operation and PC-based operation with Oscilla® AudioConsole software. AudioConsole is not a part of the standard T830 package and must be purchased separately. Read more about DualControl.