Madsen Zodiac

New MADSEN® Zodiac is an advanced tympanometer from Otometrics that gives you an easier way to a reliable seal.
Built from the ground up with special focus on the probes, MADSEN Zodiac tympanometer delivers the control, confidence and efficiency you need to achieve successful outcomes when making middle ear analyses.
Reliable, responsive and easy to use, comes in three versions:

  • Quick Check
  • Diagnostic
  • Clinical

Ergonomic tympanometer probes make it easy to feel the seal

MADSEN Zodiac is designed with special focus on the probes and the way you work to make it easier to achieve a seal and feel in control of the entire testing process.

The diagnostic probe is especially lightweight — half the weight of other probes. All the probes are comfortable to hold and have fewer parts so they are more reliable and easy to clean and maintain.

The unique Dual Probe™ option enables you to keep the screening probe and the diagnostic probe connected at the same time alll the time for fewer interruptions and a smoother workflow.

MADSEN Zodiac comes with a calibration and probe check tool and convenient EasyLock probe tips.

Robust, responsive tympanometer puts you in control of the testing process

Gain control of the testing process with features such as:

  • One touch/one function buttons with integrated LED lights
  • Wide color screen that is easy to see from any angle
  • Built-in printer
  • Long, robust cables give you freedom of movement.

    In addition, light indicators on the probes tell you which ear you are testing and the status of the test. Audio feedbck and probe lights alert you to a broken seal, while the pump resets immediately, minimizing disruption to your test.
  • Making every step easier in immittance testing

    A flat menu structure and self-explanatory OTOsuite software — the shared interface for all Otometrics hearing assessment and fitting solutions – mean you can quickly find what you are looking for.

    OTOsuite keeps everything you need for the entire patient journey in one place allowing you to work with your audiometer, OAE, video otoscope and immittance

    devices in one shared interface. Plus, OTOsuite delivers powerful reporting capabilities and easy customization tools that enable you to combine various test data in customized reports quickly.


    MADSEN Zodiac delivers a complete immittance test battery, Plus:

  • Three ergonomic probe types for screening, diagnostic and clinical testing
  • Dual Probe functionality
  • Tympanometry (226 & 1000 Hz), reflex screening/threshold/decay (both ipsi & contra) and Eustachian Tube Function (ETF)
  • Sweep/auto tympanometry
  • Noah compatibility
  • Automatic test sequences – you define your sequence
  • Cleanable surfaces designed for easy cleaning
  • Built-in printer
  • Small footprint
  • Stand-alone or PC-based versions
  • Tests

    Available in the following versions:

  • Quick Check
  • Diagnostic
  • Clinical

    For more information, please see the datasheet below