The MADSEN Xeta screening audiometer makes audiometry easy-whether you are in the clinic or the field. Lightweight and portable, the MADSEN Xeta screening audiometer provides:
  • Fast, efficient diagnostic testing air, bone and masking
  • with Masking Assistantâ„¢
  • Intuitive layout and flexible patient and testing information storage
  • All necessary tests, including auto threshold and auto screening
  • Built-in PC connection
  • Easy data management and reports with optional OTOsuite audiometry software Discover how easy audiometry can be with MADSEN Xeta.
  • MADSEN Xeta - a screening audiometer you can start to use immediately

    Intuitive and easy to use, the “one button = one function” design provides immediate access to everything you need during testing. Convenient indicator lights give you a fast overview of the current setting.Auto modes permit fast and easy testing, while maintaining the highest professional standards. To ensure valid, high-quality test results, a Masking Assistantâ„¢ alerts users whenever masking is recommended at specific frequencies.For rapid and reliable switching between test scenarios, user- configurable settings can be loaded at the touch of a button.Easy to navigate – the MADSEN Xeta logically groups all related operational controls according to mode of application so you can

    Flexible patient handling and reliable testing

    This screening audiometer offers flexible patient handling in a lightweight design. With a storage capacity of 50 planned patients, 75 full audiograms, built-in memory and an advanced interface for easy browing, MADSEN Xeta is a solid choice for intensive testing on the go.

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    Available tests

  • Auto Threshold and Auto Screening tests
  • Optional special tests: ABLB, SISI, Stenger