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Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone Hearing Aids is a leading brand of hearing aids offering a wide range of solutions for people with hearing loss. Since 1940, Belton has been a leading innovator in hearing healthcare, providing personalized solutions through a wide selection of advanced hearing devices.

Beltone, your partner in hearing care your search is over now!

At Hearing Clinics, we're proud to offer the latest Beltone hearing aids in Pakistan, designed to help you rediscover the joy of sound. Struggling to hear loved ones' whispers or miss out on important conversations in crowded spaces? Do not feel alone. Millions in Pakistan experience hearing loss, but it doesn't have to hold you back. At Hearing Clinics, we're proud to offer Beltone hearing aid, the cutting-edge technology that restores your connection to the world around you.

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Our hearing care professionals strive to be your trusted hearing care partner—someone who speaks your language and understands your unique needs. Our goal is not to sell you hearing aids; it is to. Provide hearing care whenever, wherever, and however, you need it.

Every Beltone hearing care professional receives extensive training and education to equip their patients with the latest knowledge and research to provide the best care. At Beltone, we only sell Beltone hearing aids. Beltone hearing care professionals are trained to be experts on every, providing information and support at every stage of your journey to better hearing.

Advanced Technology

Beltone hearing aids utilize innovative features like AI and directional microphones for exceptional sound clarity and effortless listening.

High-Quality Sound

Experience the richness of your surroundings with natural sound reproduction and personalized hearing adjustments.

Personalized Fitting and Support

Our experienced audiologists ensure your hearing aids fit perfectly and provide ongoing support to optimize your hearing experience.

Excellent Customer Service

We are committed to your satisfaction and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Beltone hearing aids.

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Hearing Clinics has multiple locations across Pakistan, making finding a hearing healthcare professional near you easy, just as in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Mansehra, Sahiwal, and Abbottabad. We offer a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can discuss your hearing concerns and explore Beltone solutions.

How much is a Beltone hearing aid price in Pakistan?

Although Beltone hearing aid prices available on our website, they cost around the same as other hearing aids on the market based on the level of technology and type of hearing aid. Beltone hearing aids typically range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 210,000 in Pakistan. This is a broad range, but it should give you a general idea of the expected cost.

Explore The Best Beltone Hearing Aid Models For Your Loved Once

Beltone offers a diverse range of hearing aids models to cater to various hearing loss types, lifestyles, and budgets. Choosing the right model can be overwhelming, but I’m here to guide you through the different additional factors to consider:


Noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, etc.

Price range

Beltone offers options to suit diverse budgets at different sizes.

Your lifestyle

Choose a model that fits your activities and lifestyle needs.

Beltone Amaze

Beltone Amaze

  • Suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss
  • Available in Receiver-in-ear hearing aid style
  • Equipped with the latest and fastest micro- processing technology, integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and the Beltone Hear Max app

Beltone Trust

  • Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Available in all hearing aid styles
  • Equipped with Remote Care, NanoBlock™ protective coating, and Tinnitus Management Breaker technology
Beltone Trust

Beltone Ally

Advanced but easy to handle: Welcome back to better hearing and a better quality of life. A life where socializing with friends and family—or just watching TV — is rewarding, relaxed, and stress-free. Beltone Ally includes advanced, easy-to-use features never before seen in this class of hearing aids With Beltone Ally, you will stay in the conversation, even if the party gets loud. The Sound Cleaner feature helps reduce background noise. Speech Spotter lets Beltone Ally adapt to where the sound comes from so you can follow the conversation better.

Beltone First

Beltone First: A hearing aid no other
A genuine breakthrough in hearing technology, and recent winner of both the coveted 13th annual Chicago Innovation Awards and 2014 Red Dot Award, Beltone First gives you new ways to hear the sounds you love. From its sleek new shape to its sound- processing power to its unique ability to sync with your favorite devices, it’s in a class by itself.

Beltone First hearing aids wirelessly communicate with each other to customize sound as your surroundings change. By prioritizing speech, it’s easy to hear the conversation, even in noisy places. Enjoy seamless transitions as you move from quiet to loud environments. It’s all hands-free.

Beltone Bold

Beltone Bold, more power to your life

Why compromise on hearing? This powerful digital hearing aid is specially engineered to bring back the sounds of life, even if your hearing loss is severe or profound. It’s designed for your maximum comfort during daily activities. Beltone Bold features advanced technologies to help you hear better. It gives you the power you need so you can follow what’s going on around you without distraction. Beltone Sound Shifter™ can make high-frequency sounds, such as the voices of children or birds, easier to hear, while more accessible™ and Speech Spotter™ options help you hear the conversation, even in noisy situations

Beltone Boost Plus

Beltone Boost Plus: Powerful connections to everything that matters Living with a severe-to-profound hearing loss can sometimes be challenging. Beltone Boost Plus is designed to help you face daily obstacles and lead the life you want Specially designed for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, Beltone Boost Plus is one of the most powerful hearing aids on the market today. It’s a robust and comfortable hearing aid that reconnects you to the sounds or conversations you might have been missing. Watch the inspiring story as Mette Brond Fredsted talks about living with profound hearing loss, her life achievements and aspirations and the success she has had with Beltone Boost.
Beltone Micro-Invisa

Beltone Micro-Invisa

Small is cute. Tiny is beautiful.
The Beltone micro-invisa™ offers magnificent sound in a miniature package. It hides within your ear canal.
micro-Invisa hand-crafted for custom comfort
Our expert artisans meticulously sculpt your instrument to match the exact contours of your ear anatomy. As with any custom-tailored product, the fit is superb. You get maximum comfort, stellar acoustics, and a top-of-the-line listening experience.

Beltone Origin

Quailty sound is at the core of Origin
We started with a simple premise: Make a hearing aid with advanced technology that allows all people access to hearing care.

That is how Beltone Origin began. We took technology from our most sophisticated products and simplified it into a hearing instrument that delivers excellent sound quality, and is still easy to use.
Advanced features built around your life
With these features, Beltone Origin greatly improves the quality of life for anyone who wears them.

Beltone Turn

Beltone Turn

Beltone Turn is an advanced digital hearing aid system that marries great sound with all-day comfort. Beltone Turn makes listening easy, at a price that’s easy to afford.

Our sense of hearing lets us connect with the world around us. We talk with friends, navigate safely in traffic, and relax with our favorite TV shows. So, it’s no wonder that poor hearing can have a negative impact on our lives. That’s why everyone experiencing hearing loss can think of reasons to purchase hearing aids.

Award-Winning Technology


Beltone Hearing Aids use advanced technology to amplify sounds and deliver them to the wearer’s ears.

Beltone Hearing Aids offers various hearing solutions suitable for different types and degrees of hearing loss. 

Beltone provides various styles or types, including behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) options, catering to individual preferences and comfort.

To obtain a Beltone Hearing Aid, schedule a hearing evaluation with a licensed hearing care professional at a Hearing Clinic, Hearing Rehab Center, and Marham. They will assess your hearing needs and recommend a suitable device.

Typically, Beltone Hearing Aids come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Check with your Beltone provider for specific warranty details.