Hear Life Again with A&M Hearing Aid Personalized Solutions at Hearing Clinic

At Hearing Clinic, we understand the impact hearing loss can have on your life. That's why we're proud to offer A&M Hearing Aids, cutting-edge technology designed to restore your connection to the world around you.

A&M Hearing Aid

We opened the doors to A&M Hearing Aid Center in 1998 because we care about people and are passionate about improving lives through better hearing. We’re known for our expertise and caring demeanor, and we enjoy nothing more than watching our patients’ faces as they regain the ability to enjoy the richness of crisp sounds again.

At Hearing Clinic, we understand how difficult living with hearing loss can be, and we’re focused on personalized patient care to identify the best solution for each unique situation. We offer comprehensive hearing care, including free hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and repairs, custom ear plugs and protection, and tinnitus.

Hear the World with Us

How A&M Hearing Aid Made Life Better Every Day!

“Hearing aids? Me? But I’m not old!” A&M said We get it. The stigma surrounding hearing aids is outdated and inaccurate. They are not just personal sound machines that enhance your life instead of quieting it. Here’s why embracing hearing aids is a power move:

Improve relationships

Reconnect with loved ones and enjoy conversations without frustration or hesitation. Listen smarter, not harder, with A&M Hearing Aids. This feature makes hearing easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Real-Time Sound

A&M hearing aids smartly analyze your environment and instantly tweak settings to ensure the sound you hear is the best. This helps enhance the sound’s quality and clarity in real time. This feature makes it unique from other aids.

Brain Protective

Ignoring or not treating hearing loss may result in an intelligible decline. Hearing aids keep your brain active and engaged.

Personalized Comfort

A&M’s technology adjusts to how you hear and what you like, ensuring you have a comfortable listening experience all day.

Finding Your Perfect A&M Hearing Aid Models Here!

At Hearing Clinic, everyone deserves access to quality hearing solutions. That’s why we offer a variety of A&M Hearing Aid models to fit your needs and budget.

a&m hearing aid XTM S P8


The smallest standard BTE

A convenient hearing solution: The XTM S offers proven audiological performance and hassle-free handling in a discreet BTE device. Coming with feedback prevention and noise management technology the XTM S provides a comfortable hearing experience. Due to its small size hardly anybody will even notice that you are wearing it.


  • Compatible with Smart Connect App
  • Wireless programmable via ConnexxAir, ConnexxLink
  • Compatible with Smart Connect & Smart Transmitter


The reliable discreet companion – which fits any ear without anatomic limitations

The XTM Mis a reliable and powerful hearing aid that comes with an onboard rocker switch that allows you to change volume and toggle hearing programs. The device features feedback prevention and noise management technology.


  • Wireless programmable via COnnexxAir, ConnexxLink
  • Compatible with Smart COnnect & Smart Transmitter
  • Compatible with Smart Connect App
a&m hearing aid XTM M P8
a&m hearing aid XTM P P8


The power you need with the options you want

The versatile XTM P cover a very broad range of hearing loss. The robust and powerful hearing aids are available in two different housing designs depending on the performance level you choose. The XTM P feature feedback prevention, noise management technology and offer the power you need in any situation of your life


  • Wireless programmable via ConnexxAir, Connexxtink
  • Compatible with Smart Connect & Smart Transmitter
  • Compatible with smart Connect App


The most powerful and reliable BTE

The XTM XP are the ideal solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss: They offer more speech understanding, sound quality and wearing comfort to those who need it most. By combining super power with sophisticated technology, like feedback prevention and noise management, the XTM XP provide the functions and amplification that wearers, who are dependent on their hearing aids, need to stay connected to their world.


  • Compatible with Smart Connect & Smart Transmitter
  • Compatible with Smart Connect App, Smart Remote App
  • Wireless programmable via ConnexxAir, ConnexxLink
a&m hearing aid XTM XP P8

Take The First Step Toward Better Hearing With A&M Free Hearing Consultations!

Take the first step towards better hearing today. Schedule your free consultation with A&M Hearing Aids and let our experts guide you on your journey to rediscovering the sounds you loved to hear from your loved ones. This no-pressure, no-obligation appointment allows you to:

  • Discuss your common hearing concerns and challenges.
  • Get a comprehensive hearing test to assess your hearing loss.
  • Learn about your A&M hearing aid options and features.
  • Ask any questions you may have about hearing loss and treatment.
a&m Hearing Aids


Look for authorized A&M Hearing Aid partners near your area, such as a hearing clinic or online retailers like OLX and Hearing & Hearables.

The cost of A&M prices in Lahore, Pakistan, range from PKR 30,000 to PKR 90,000+ depending on features and models.

Yes, we need a hearing test before getting A&M Hearing Aids. We don’t know which is best for you and your loved ones without a test.

A&M Hearing Aids helps with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss, with some models for tinnitus management.