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Hearing Clinic was established in 1998 under a team of professionals. We offer services to the hearing impaired and deaf people to hear better and serving to mankind.
                                              Hearing Clinic offers the services on very competitive rates from the market.

Puretone audiometry
Speech audiometry
Behavioral Hearing tests
Acoustic admittance measurements
Otoacoustic emissions
Evoked response audiometry
New born screening
Pre-employment screening
School screening service
Industrial screening

BPPV assessment and management
Computer ENG*
Testing of balance disorders
Caloric testing*

Tinnitus evaluation & therapy
Aural rehabilitation
Vestibular rehabilitation

Cochlear Implant
Pre implant assessment & counseling
Promontory electrical stimulation
Diagnostic Habilitation
Long term assessment, rehabilitation & maintenance

Hearing Aid
Full assessment of hearing-loss
Hearing aid fitting, evaluation and verification
Independent, unbiased advice(Not tied to any manufacturer)
Widest range of instruments
White noise generatous (Tinnitus Maskers)
Real ear Measurement facilities
Extensive after-care service


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