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Carat A

Carat A

Carat binax and Carat A binax.
Flexibility meets a new dimension of hearing.

Carat binax™ comes with a brand-new housing in a balanced design and broad fitting range, so it adapts perfectly to almost all your clients’ demands. Available in two versions, the rechargeable Carat binax and the DAI-ready Carat A binax deliver a natural binaural listening experience whenever needed. Two independent clinical studies have proven that Carat binax allows wearers to understand speech in difficult listening situations such as restaurants or parties even better than people with normal hearing.* Paired with the new easyTek™ and easyTek App, these models take hearing instruments to a new level of flexibility.

*Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing.

Discreet design:

  • Brand-new housing in a discreet design
  • Color Conversion Kit
  • Size 13 standard or rechargeable battery
  • Rechargeable Carat model for hassle-free handling.
  • The Direct Audio Input option for Carat A models
  • Ingress Protection Rating IP 67
  • IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min
  • IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety


Premium performance:

  • Powered by binax, the next generation of BestSound Technology
  • e2e wireless™ 3.0 for a superior binaural features whenever needed
  • Available in performance levels 7bx and 5bx
  • Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control with easyTek and easyTek App
  • Remotely controllable via the new touchControl App
  • Enhanced tinnitus noiser option.



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