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Beltone Ally
Advanced, but easy to handle: Welcome back to better hearing and better life quality. A life where socializing with friends and family—or just watching TV – is rewarding, relaxed and stress-free. Beltone Ally includes advanced, easy-to-use feature ..
Beltone Bold
Beltone Bold more power to your life Why compromise on hearing? This powerful digital hearing aid is specially engineered to bring back the sounds of life, even if your hearing loss is severe to profound. It's designed for your maximum comfort du ..
Beltone Boost Plus
Beltone Boost Plus™: Powerful connections to everything that matters Living with a severe-to-profound hearing loss can sometimes be challenging. Beltone Boost Plus is designed to help you face daily obstacles and lead the life you want. Specially d ..
Beltone First
Beltone First: A hearing aid like no other A genuine breakthrough in hearing technology, and recent winner of both the coveted 13th annual Chicago Innovation Awards and 2014 Red Dot Award, Beltone First gives you new ways to hear the sounds you lov ..
Beltone Legend
Beltone Legend™ hearing aids adapt to your unique situation and individual needs better than any other hearing aid on the market. Superb sound quality and speech understanding are the main focus, thanks to Personal Sound ID™ and Crosslink Directionality ..
Beltone micro-Invisa
Beltone micro-Invisa — Our Tiniest-Ever Hearing Aid Small is cute. Tiny is beautiful. The Beltone micro-Invisa™ offers magnificent sound in a miniature package. It hides within your ear canal. micro-Invisa hand-crafted for custom comfort ..
Beltone Origin
Quality sound is at the core of Origin We started with a simple premise: Make a hearing aid with advanced technology that allows all people access to hearing care. That is how Beltone Origin began. We took technology from our most sophisticated ..
Beltone Prime
Our new design is “one-of-a-kind” Beltone Prime hearing aids feature innovations you won't find anywhere else. Its distinctive design uses the natural contours of your ears to maximize sound quality, and hide your hearing aids from view. A Beltone ..
Beltone Promise
Beltone Promise™ hearing aids are designed to simulate the way ears naturally process sound. As you encounter different sound environments each day, your hearing aids actually communicate with each other to automatically self-adjust. Sound feels just ri ..
Beltone True
Beltone True™ — Award-winning technology The unique technology built into our line of Beltone True™ hearing aids is patterned after the ear's natural ability to smoothly adapt to changing listening environments. Advanced micro-processor circuitry let ..
Beltone Turn
Beltone Turn is an advanced digital hearing aid system that marries great sound with all-day comfort. Beltone Turn makes listening easy, at a price that's easy to afford. Our sense of hearing lets us connect with the world around us. We talk with ..
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